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Small Steps | Big Money provides results-driven financial education for your team. Our team has walked out of debt and into financial freedom. We will teach your employees to do the same.

Small Steps | Big Money

Unbiased Advice

Small Steps | Big Money does not sell any financial products nor manage employee investments. We provide personal finance education, customized coaching, and support. Period.

Life Experience

The Small Steps | Big Money team has solved the money problems your employees face. Our Client Results prove we can show your employees how to take control of their money and to create a new financial future.

Employee Productivity

Money stress affects every aspect of your employees’ lives, including their work. We partner with you to educate your team about their money.  Less stress means better productivity.  

What Do Others Say About

Financial Education In The Workplace? 

“Recruiting difficulty has continued to increase over the last five years, and competition for talent is high.  To attract and retain top talent, organization must leverage the benefits package they offer to their employees.”  Society for Human Resource Management, 2017 Survey.

“About half of all employers in 2017 offered financial advice in some form, and that number is likely to increase over time. From a management perspective, the impact on productivity and quality of work is clear, especially in a smaller office setting.”  Forbes, February 2018. 

Your Employees Worry About Their Finances.

 How Does That Affect Their Productivity?

“Of note, too, is the growing proportion of workers who cited current financial concerns as negatively affecting their lives (34%), an increase from two years ago (21%). More, or 59%, also ‘worry about their future financial state,’ a rise of 10 percentage points, according to the survey results.  …  …31% described ‘money concerns’ as hindering their efforts at work, preventing them ‘from doing their best at work,’ according to the report with seven of 10 reporting high, (37%) or above average (33%) stress levels with 30% describing their health as ‘poor.'”  Forbes, November 2017.  

“With 78% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck and student loan debt at over $1.4 trillion, workers are struggling and it’s affecting their health. Workers are stressed out, burned out and it’s affecting not only their productivity but their satisfaction on the job. Northwestern Mutual reports that more than a quarter of millennials say financial stress affects their job performance and made them feel physically ill and depressed. Nearly half of employees have financial concerns, causing them to lose an average of six productive work days annually.”  Forbes, November 2017.

“According to the 1,600 full-time employees surveyed in PwC’s 2017 study, 53 percent of workers report being stressed about their finances, while 65 percent of Millennials said the same. Across all generations — Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers — financial matters were the top cause of stress. Forty-six percent of workers spend three hours or more during the work week thinking about or dealing with financial issues, and 47 percent said their finance-related stress has increased over the last 12 months. And according to a new survey from Bankrate, which interviewed 1,003 adults earlier this year, 57 percent of Americans don’t have enough cash to cover a $500 expense.”  Forbes, September 2017.

“Employers get it,” said Diane Winland, manager of PricewaterhouseCoopers. They know that employees stressed about their finances are more likely to take time off to deal with them and are much more likely to take hours every workweek to deal with them, she reminded the group.”

“The low-lying fruit, according to the Fidelity/National Business Group on Health survey, are the popular seminars and “lunch-n-learn” programs — 82% of employers surveyed said they expected to offer these in 2017. Nearly three-fourths (74%) will offer tools for key financial concerns such as mortgages, wills and income protection. And 71% expect to offer resources to support emergency savings, debt management and budgeting. Just a quarter of employers plan to offer student loan counseling or repayment assistance.”

Employees Want Help. 

But They Don’t Want You To Have Details.   

Partnering with Small Steps | Big Money means your employees know their financial information is protected.  Small Steps | Big Money does not access employees’ financial accounts.  We do not provide any financial information to the employer.

“For employees, there’s the very real concern about privacy. As NerdWallet.com’s Dayana Yochim, a moderator at one of the Aspen Institute panels, pointed out: ‘Employees don’t want boss man mixed up in their business. There’s wariness about privacy issues in the workplace.'”