Our Services

We create custom-designed programs for your team, based on your organization's needs and budget. Our goal: results your employees can measure in reduced debt and more savings.

Our Results-Driven Process


Most folks have debt. And they’re comfortable making monthly payments. But they don’t understand the true cost of interest paid over a lifetime and lost opportunity to save now for the future.

Small Steps | Big Money helps your team understand the future impact of today’s financial choices.


At Small Steps | Big Money, we love to show folks how saving today, even a small amount, can make an incredible difference in the future.

We get your team excited about saving for retirement, for a home, and for other future dreams. We help your employees envision new financial possibilities.


A survey of millionaires found the following:  they all used the same tool in order to become millionaires.

At Small Steps | Big Money, we use the same tool.  And we’ve refined it even further to help your team.  Using our tool will help your employees create a financial future of no debt, an emergency fund, retirement savings, and fulfilled dreams.