Client Results

We are so proud of our client results. Our clients say more about our work than we ever could.

What Our Clients Say

Alma is passionate about helping others achieve their financial goals and reduce financial stress. 9 years ago, Alma helped me develop an effective plan to pay off my graduate school student debt, over $60,000. I thought it would take me 20-30 years, but after sitting down with her and discussing ways to chip away at my debt, I will pay it off in just 9 years! After meeting with her, I felt relieved that there was a way to keep a huge financial burden under control. Several years later, when I started my own physical therapy practice, Alma was again so helpful in coming up with ways for me to earn passive income to help my business succeed. I can’t thank you enough, Alma! Rachael Britton

My husband and I met Alma quickly after adopting our newborn girl. We were overwhelmed with the new debt we were taking on from the adoption agency expenses as well as the medical bills, having spent two weeks in the NICU with our newborn and paying for the birthmother’s medical bills. Alma was able to quickly grasp our current situation and put us at ease that the debt would not last forever. Just her helping us understand how to look at our debt was a huge help. What Alma really did for us was empower us to feel in control of our finances, which led to us asking for financial assistance with medical bills. We were able to get our medical bills reduced and refinance, putting us in a position to pay off our debt in a little over a year compared to the lifetime that we believed it would take. Now we get to put our money towards double paying our mortgage, retirement, as well as investing money in our daughter’s college education. Ali Cammelletti

Alma is a gifted, generous, passionate and natural teacher. She uses her own stories to teach personal finance in an incredibly smart, inspiring and straightforward way. I’m grateful to have benefited from Alma’s perspective and I highly recommend working with her if you’re looking for a fresh take on retirement planning and your finances overall. Aly Waibel, Ph.D